In The Classroom: Examples of Rich Structured Learning Experiences

  • IMG-20131022-01013Educators from Thompson’s Island Outward Bound Education Center partnered with NHCS 6th grade teachers to teach a unit about ecosystems. Then the sixth graders performed their own experiments – in Thompson’s Island’s salt marsh.


  • During a unit on seasons, each 1st grade student chose which one was his or her favorite. They created a class graph, worked in groups to make posters about why they preferred a particular season, and then each group tried to convince the others to change their minds. This project integrated art, math, writing, technology, science and speaking and listening skills.
  • RSLE - Vegetables 2A kindergarten curriculum on urban gardening included planting seeds and transplanting into garden plots, cutting, cooking and pickling vegetables, and becoming experts on specific vegetables and displaying art and research at a Museum Night where for their friends and family.
  • In conjunction with 6th grade social studies curriculum on world civilizations, the NHCS arts specialists taught a curriculum on world cultures. In their arts enrichment class, which met three times a week, students watched videos on the Japanese cherry blossom festival, created inspiring cherry blossom art using pastels and tempura paint. They also studied and wrote haikus and read articles on Japan’s gift of the cherry trees to the US.

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