Staff List

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Lisbeth Acosta

Middle School SPED Teaching Fellow

Amelia Afolayan

7th Grade ELA Teacher

Hammad Ahmed

Deputy Director of Policy and Operations

Michelle Arons

Director of Special Education & Student Support

Russell Augustin

Finance Manager

Jahmeelah Bai-Grandson

Founding High School Principal

Chanelle Baker

Middle School SPED Teacher

Danean Balestrieri


Christina Branham

Development Manager, Events & Administration

Leonard Brown

Physical Education Instructor

Jessica Burke

School Substitute Teacher/School Transportation and Library Coordinator

Linda Chapin

Dining Hall Manager

Kate Chisholm

1st Grade Co-Teacher

Denise Choukas


Thomas Ciccio

Administrative Assistant

Elise Clarkson

2nd Grade Teacher Blog: NHCS Grade 2

Nigel Conroy

Technology Teacher

Tanisha Cooper

K1 Teacher

Lauren Cowing

Grade 5 and 6 Social Studies/Science Teaching Fellow

Emily Pratt Davidson

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
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