Staff List

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Ivette Rubio

6th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Shawna Samuels

3rd Grade SPED Teacher

Kate Scott

Executive Director

Nick Shiggs-Quiroga

Family Outreach Coordinator

Sean Shirley-Davidson

Principal 4-8

Jyoti Siegell

K-2 Teaching Fellow

Georgia Skeadas

Special Education Teacher for Middle School

Cheryl Small

Dining Hall & Front Desk Assistant

Molly Stearns

Director of Strategic Projects

Khoi Tau

7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Deidre Telemaque

5th Grade Social Studies/Science Teaching Fellow

Hoan Tham

Occupational Therapist

Emma Thies

Lower School Long-Term Substitute

Luke Thorson

Coordinator of Student Culture

Paula Timmins

Chief Financial Officer

Ellyn Torres

Human Resources Director

Dani Tran

College Persistence Counselor

Amy Vernon

Data & Accountability Manager

Christine Vulopas

SPED Instructor

Leona Watson

Student Transitions and Support Coordinator
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