Expansion Plans

Neighborhood House Charter School is in the midst of planning for the expansion of space on two separate campuses to create a continuous K-12 experience for our students.

In the summer of 2017, we leased and renovated space for our high school at 2200 Dorchester Avenue in Lower Mills.  More information about our high school.

On our Queen Street campus, we are in the process of planning an expansion to serve our K-8 students.  The proposed K-8 project has multiple goals:

  • To create appropriate classroom space for the 8th graders
  • To build an athletic space that the school is lacking
  • To increase spaces for staff parking on the campus
  • To create an expansion that is in keeping with the character with the neighborhood and provides a high-quality education for students
  • To improve traffic circulation through the site and to reduce school-related traffic around the site
  • To maintain the character of the neighborhood while ensuring a high quality K-8 seats in the community

More information, including project updates on the plans for our K-8 expansion.

Contact Us

  • Queen St Campus (grades K1 – 7)
  • 21 Queen Street
  • Dorchester MA 02122
  • Lower Mills Campus (grades 8-9)
  • 2220 Dorchester Avenue
  • Dorchester MA 02124
  • Phone: 617.825.0703
  • Fax: 617.825.1829
  • info@thenhcs.org
  • Directions and Map