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Orientation for School Year 2017-18

(Posted July 12, 2017)

This year there will be two orientation events: one for grades K1 through 7 and one for grades 8 and 9.

  • Orientation for K1-7 will be on Tuesday, August 29, at 5:30pm at 21 Queen St.
  • Orientation for 8-9 will be on Monday, August 28 at 5:30pm at 2220 Dorchester Ave.

Please plan to attend Orientation to meet teachers and learn about expectations and routines. We will not have childcare at the Orientation; we encourage children to remain at home. Please arrive at 4:30 to learn more about afterschool, receive MBTA passes and school bus information, purchase shirts and apparel, and sign up for MySchoolBucks (our new payment system). Bring cash, credit, or your checkbook with you.

Important documents for parents and families

Important Medical Forms

All families with students at Neighborhood House Charter School commit to our Family Learning Contract. By signing the contract, both the school and family define and accept our responsibilities as partners in our students’ education.

  • Parents agree to monitor their child’s homework and grades carefully, to communicate regularly with the school and teachers, to attend required conferences with their child’s teachers, and to support the school as it enforces its code of conduct.
  • Scholars agree to model the school’s core values: Caring, Cooperation, Courage, Effort, Justice, Respect, Responsibility and Trustworthiness.
  • Neighborhood House Charter School agrees to create a safe and orderly learning environment, communicate regularly with parents (through progress reports, report cards, conferences, and supplemental email and telephone communication), offer a quality education to a diverse community of children and develop and share innovative practices that improve public education for all students.