These are expectations for scholars who are attending in-person learning. Scholars who do not arrive at school in proper attire will be sent to the office and may be asked to retrieve clothes from home or required to wait until someone can drop off appropriate clothes for them at school.

  • Outerwear such as coats and gloves will not be worn in the building
  • Hats, baseball hats, hoods and casual headwear are to be removed upon entering the building
  • Offensive slogans and/or insignia are not permitted
  • Any clothing that is considered revealing is not permitted
  • Flip flops, sandals, and slides are not permitted, nor are heels that exceed two inches from the ground

K1-4th Grade

Uniforms are not required. Scholars in grades K1-4 are expected to dress appropriately at all times, according to the guidelines above. While there is no uniform in the Lower School, we recommend families purchase a grade level t-shirt for when scholars go on field trips. T-shirts are available for purchase for those families who want one.

5th-7th Grade

Uniforms are not required for scholars in 5th Grade; scholars are expected to dress appropriately at all times, according to the guidelines above. Additionally: no open toed shoes, no crocs, no slides, and no ripped or offensive clothing.  Leg coverings (shorts or skirts, etc.) that do not go past the fingertips will not be permitted.

Scholars in 6th and 7th Grade must adhere to a Dress Code. Additionally, any type of dress shoes is permissible. Sneakers are permissible, but must be: all black, all white, or black and white sneakers. NO COLORS.

PE and other apparel can be purhcased on the NHCS Apparel Webstore.

8th-12th Grade

Be sure to review the Professional Attire Guide. Dress code apparel is available for sale at details are below:

High School Scholars are expected wear clothing in adherence to the Professional Dress Policy. There were some exceptions made last year, and as we stated then, we are returning to our Professional Dress Policy, with some changes that were suggested by many stakeholders, including scholars. Please keep in mind this policy was adopted in order to decrease barriers to education, reduce security concerns, and create a positive school culture. Please be sure to review the policy before the start of the school year.

Professional attire clothing can be purchased from the stores of your choosing, but here is a short list of local stores that carry the items you will need:

  • Amazon
  • Children’s Place
  • Metro Uniforms (formerly L&M Bargain)
  • Old Navy
  • Target

All PE Uniforms can be purchased online from College Hype using this link: or via telephone at 617-282-8883. On the College Hype website you can also find other NHCS-approved items that your scholar can purchase and wear to school.

Please Note: 8th Graders may not wear Scholar Shirts as part of their daily Professional Dress attire.  We will inform you of specific times when these shirts can be worn.

If you have any questions or hardships regarding the Professional Dress Policy please contact Ms. Joanne Auguste, Dean of Student Culture, at