These are the dress code expectations for NHCS scholars. If there are challenges with meeting attire requirements please contact the Dean of Culture for your respective school.

If a scholar is found to be out of dress code, they may be asked to change, to call home and have dress code clothes brought to the school by a family member, or to purchase NHCS branded clothing on-site. Consistent or intentional noncompliance may result in additional consequences.

Grades K1 – 4

There is no specific dress code for scholars in grades K 1 – 4.  Scholars are expected to dress appropriately at all times and follow the guidelines below.  NHCS branded clothing is available for all of our scholars in grades K 1 – 12th but it is not required for scholars in K1 – 4th grades.

  • Outerwear such as coats, hats and gloves should not be worn in the building.
  • Hats, baseball hats, hoods and casual headwear are to be removed upon entering the building.
  • Offensive slogans and/or insignia are not permitted.
  • Any clothing that is considered revealing is not permitted.
  • Flip flops, sandals, slippers, and slides are not permitted, nor are heels that exceed two inches from the ground.
  • Students are expected to wear closed toed sturdy sneakers on their Physical Education days
Grades 5-11 Dress Code:
  • Tops: NHCS logo tops only or blue and white polo button shirt
  • Bottoms: NHCS logo joggers or sweatpants or pants, skirts or shorts (fingertip length) in navy or khaki.
  • Footwear: All footwear must have closed toes and a back. Heels must be no higher than 2 inches.  Scholars may wear any color boots, shoes, sneakers or Crocs with the following exceptions:
  • Sneakers are required for PE classes (points will be deducted for unsafe footwear)
  • Head Coverings: Narrow headbands and headwraps are allowable. Bandanas, sweatbands, bonnets, and hats are not allowed.
  • Outerwear: Outerwear such as coats, hoodies, and blankets should not be worn in the building.  During the winter months, please ensure your child has an NHCS quarter zip or crewneck sweater with accompanying layers underneath to wear in the building.

Scholars are not allowed to wear any clothing that has been defaced in any way including marks, coloring, or tearing.

Purchase uniforms for scholars in grades 5-11 here: Scholar Uniform Online Store 

12th Grade

Seniors may choose to adhere to the Dress Down Day policy at all times.  They are not required to follow the Dress Code but are expected to follow Dress-Down Days guidelines below.

Physical Education (PE) Days:

When scholars have PE, they are expected to be in an NHCS top, NHCS sweatpants, and closed-toed-athletic footwear. Crocs, slides, sandals, or other unsafe attire are not allowed and will result in a reduction in grade.

Dress-Down Days:

Throughout the year scholars will have opportunities to engage in dress-down days. Dress down days will begin in October of each academic year unless otherwise specified.

Scholars are expected to adhere to the following guidelines for dress down attire:

  • Outerwear such as coats and gloves will not be worn in the building.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted in the building.
  • Hats, baseball hats, hoodies, and casual headwear are to be removed prior to entering the building.
  • Inappropriate slogans and/or insignia are not permitted, as determined by Administration.
  • Torsos, bottoms,  and chest area must remain fully covered on all scholars.
  • Translucent leggings are not permitted as primary clothing.
  • Headphones worn for non-instructional purposes are not permitted.
  • Pants or jeans with rips or tears above the knee are not permitted.